SpectroJet is an extremely fast spectrophotometer. It automatically measures the desnsities and color values of process and spot-colors and then transfer the data at the same time to the computer within seconds. 

It revolutionizes automatic measurements on any color control bar for any printing process. The device is easily used by guiding it along the color test patches by hand. The tracking wheels on the bottom ensures a straight and accurate run. As the device is going along the test patches, it transfers the measurement data instantly to the computer where all relevant information for controlling the printing press is displayed. 

The SpectroJet is equipped with a high resolution spectral sensor element, including a physical switchable polarizing filter which analyzes the color samples under standard conditions meeting the ISO and Gracol G7 requirements. The data can be exported to other software that can connect in real-time to printing presses which enables a closed loop turn-key situation. It's unique feature is such that it allows the SpectroJet to be used with any press type or format. 

SpectroJet and its softwares complies with ISO and Gracol G7 standards. 


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