The SpectroEdge is an inline spectrophotometer that provides printing presses with the ability to measure and maintain accurate color control at production speeds of up to 1000 feet per minute. SpectroEdge dramatically impacts the digital and flexographic print marketplace with its highly accurate color measurements, real-time reporting and rapid "on-the-fly" automated ink adjustments. It has a quick set-up time, increasing press run efficiencies and delivering previously unattainable level of color quality. 

The SpectroEdge represents a powerful technology that revolutionises the print market. It's installed on a mechanical arm, the SpectroEdge reads color samples either at a preset interval or frequencies, or via a hard-wired signal initiated by the press controller. SpectroEdge converts the raw data and instantly interprets the color values sent to the host computer to indicate or automatically make press adjustments. 

Please contact us for more information and we will tailor the SpectroEdge for you in-line color control.