SpectroPlate - The plate measurement device 

Measurements of the right dot transfer on offset printing is an important segment of comprehensive process control in the printing industry. Presently, plate measurement technology is based on microscopic image capture and processing. TECHKON SpectroPlate packs all the advantages of this technology into a compact, hand-held instrument. 

The high accuracy of the SpectroPlate is defined by its high quality optical system and advance image processing algorithms. The SpectroPlate can accurately read any screen size and screen technology be it FM, AM or Hybrid screen. The spectrally white illumination and dynamic color evaluation allows the readings of all kinds of plate and coated surfaces. The supplied Windows software connects the device to a PC. All measured values and transfer curves are displayed and stored. The measurement datas can all be used for linearizing a RIP powered plate processor. One of its exceptional features is its enlarged viewing of microscopic images. 

The device is maintenance free and is shipped with extensive accessories. SpectroPlate is available in two different types of performance packages. The first is an entry-level model "Start" which is used for dot percentage measurements on all popular types of printing plates, film and CMYK prints. The Expert version has additional features such as recording of transfer curves and the possibility to analyze geometric objects within the device. The Start version can be upgraded to the Expert version after purchase by a post-purchase upload on the PC. 

All devices are factory calibrated to the official reference Fogra Measuring Bar (FMB), resulting in high long-term absolute accuracy and instrument agreement. No calibration before measurements are taken is needed. 


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