Accora Glue Set & Doctor Roll

Easy on starch, high on quality. Accurate glue sets that deliver just the right amount of glue – job after job. Built tough for longer roll life; built smart to help save on glue costs. Robust materials, outside-the-box design & engineering, and precision manufacturing all merge in Accora glue sets for unmatched performance.



  • Stainless Steel Glue Rolls with Precision Engraving Standard & new, including finer line screens
  • AST Stainless Steel Fusion Manufacturing Process Not simply built-up
  • Ceramic Doctor Rolls Proprietary super-hard, black mirror finish ceramic
  • Tightest T.I.R. & O.D. Tolerances ensure the closest consistent gap possible


·      No Flaking/ No Corrosion Accora stainless steel & ceramics are guaranteed never to corrode or flake.

·      Fewer Rejections & Less Waste Proper bond strength across the board is realized due to Accora’s ability to maintain a consistent gap resulting in fewer rejections due to wrap, weak board or boarding

·      Prevent Score Line With twice the hardness of chrome rolls resist damage that causes scoring 

·      Faster, Easier Cleanup Accora’s high-density stainless steel and Ceramic surfaces release starch more completely than chrome surfaces, slashing cleaning time & effort.