GTT allows unparalleled consistency when printing


Just using one roll for finer screens and stronger solids will give about less mottling, pinholing, plugging and dot gain as well as faster drying times. The bottom line is to print more with less. GTT is currently the best anilox product available on the market for achieving constant ink-to-plate transfer consistency in HD Flexo Quality and Fixed Palette printing

The difference in the GTT anilox is such that by using the GTT's patented Open Slalom Ink Channel geometry allows an exact volume of ink flow in an easily and with precision from the anilox to the printing plate which would then release the right amount. It is possible to print finer screens and solids on the same station and achieve the same results on the next print job


GTT Characteristics

  • Open Slalom Ink geometry - Ink flows easily and uniformly onto the plate
  • Constant Beam Laser engraving - Delivers smooth, rigid and precise channel walls
  • High Strength Hybrid Ceramic - High-density, low-porosity Ceramic with composition of 80% CrO- 20% Ti

GTT Benefits

  • Improved Printability - Print stronger solids with less mottling and pinholing; sharper and finer; tighter reverses; finer and cleaner plate screens; less dot gain
  • Improved Repeatability - Able to produce repeatable print results job after job
  • Substantial Profitability - GTT saves time and produces better print quality