MYIRO-1 Handheld Spectrophotometer


MYIRO-1 is the first Wireless LAN Spectrophotometer, bringing flexibility and accuracy for quality control and profiling




Since more than twenty years Graphic Arts users had to rely on either expensive but accurate or cheap but simple instruments.

It was like having only one eye.

The innovative MYIRO-1 system combines accuracy with a very attractive price.

It captures the behavior of your sample and outputs all the M-conditions you need in just one scan.



Get away from cables thanks to the Wireless connection

Measures wherever you want



ISO13655:2017 M modes - M1, M0 & M2 in a single scan

Measures profiling charts and control wedges

Compatible with a wide variety of substrates

Virtual Fluorescence Standard for non-standard viewing environments



Automatic wavelength calibration

Temperature drift compensation

Self-check function


Monitor and Light

Calibrate and profile your monitors 

Control your light & viewing conditions (optional accessory needed)


Increases the efficiency of day-to-day printer color adjustment by allowing you to take measurements where you want to, such as right where the printed materials come out.




Autoscan Spectrophotometer MYIRO-9




MYIRO-9 is the world fastest autoscan spectrophotometer, giving speed, accuracy and automation to color measurements.




The key to success for a modern professional print business is automation and accuracy.

The MYIRO-9 Autoscan Spectrophotometer is the ideal tool for print colour management, combining speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and versatility.

When Color Matters

Why should I care about color?

The main reason for discussions with print buyers about quality is color. The print product shall animate the customer to buy the advertised products. Color is one of the first things we recognize when we judge the quality of a product. If it is not appealing or incorrect we regard the product quality as low. Therefore it is a key to profitability for a print production to print color accurately.

The job of a press operator is to ensure a smooth and in-time production. He has to deal with make-ready, availability of consumables, finishing and numerous other tasks.


Why is Color Management so complicated ?

Color management is often seen as a punishment though the importance is known. We think that the reason is that many today's tools are designed for color experts and not for production. The MYIRO solutions are made for you as a press operator. Using step-by-step workflows, MYIROtools let you calibrate your machines by the way, MYIRO-1 and MYIRO-9 will allow you to do it wherever you want.





Everything you need to get accurate color in your daily print business!


Color Quality Control

Did I print the expected ?

How do you know that your prints show the expected color rendering?

How do you know that your printing machine is stable?

Quality control is part of every industrial process and is a key part in the printing industry. 


By implementing a color quality control process you'll get accurate data about your printing machines' behaviour and can optimise the timing for a new "calibration".


Customer satisfaction and loyalty in your own hands!


Getting certified has never been so easy

The MYIROtools QC module includes verification presets for many different standardisation process used in different regions of the world.


FOGRA PSD PrintCheck

ISO 12647 Contract Proof / Validation Print

G7 calibration and verification

Japan Printers Association standards


The FOGRA Mediawedge v3 CMYK and RGB license is included* in all MYIROtools Editions. Even with the FREE Edition !

*For any owner of Konica Minolta FD-9 / 7 / 5BT / 5, MYIRO-1 / 9, MYIROtools Basic / QC Advanced / Advanced.


Tools for your complete Color Calibration Workflow

MYIROtools - Workflow Concept