Ease of use, precise and stylish


The TECHKON DENS unifies three devices into one. A color reflection densitometer for CMYK color prints,  film transmission desitometer and a high precision illuminated magnifying glass for visual control of printing results. 

The instrument is cost effective and ease of use allows everyone to perform a rudimentary densitrometric quality control with the reliability of the TECHKON instrument accuracy. The DENS indicates the densities, dot area and grey balance on a large color display. It's automatic color and gray balance detection speeds up the measuring. Furthermore, the device is easily controlled with the use of only three buttons. It takes about a second for the measurements to be taken. 

The light source used by the densitometer is of an LED technology to ensure its durability and energy saving. The multi-channel sensor assess the measuring signal received to ensure inter-instrument conformity with high-class spectrophotometers. 

The densitormeter uses an Li-Ion battery which can be recharged using a USB cable very quickly. Its battery life on one charge can last up to a few thousand measurements.

The densitometer is built tough with its outer casing made out of solid aluminium to withstand the harsh environments of printing rooms. Despite its solid aluminium shell, the densitometer weighs in at only 330g. Not only that, its shape and design gives it an eye-catching look together with its precise, accurate and user friendly functions.


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