TECHKON SpectroDens – Spectro-Densitometer 


The new era in color measurement 


A measurement device for all applications 

SpectroDens is an all-purpose measurement device, that is universally used for quality control in the printing industry as well as for other tasks, where colors have to be judged critically. SpectroDens is exceptionally suitable, no matter which appli- cation. Thanks to the individually adjustable display functions, you can quickly set up the device for your particular job. The solid aluminum unibody case makes the device a reliable tool even in a harsh industrial environment. Direct positioning of the measurement head on the measurement field ensures a secure and quick measurement. 


Two devices in one 

As a spectro-densitometer, SpectroDens combines the quali- ties of a highly accurate spectro-photometer and an easy-to- use densitometer. Measurement is spectral, i. e. the entire color information – the spectral fingerprint of the color – is precisely registered. The data is converted into measurement data for de- scriptive analysis and display: 


Densitometry / Density measurement 

A push of a button provides you with solid density as well as all useful additional information such as dot gain, dot area, gray balance and print contrast. In the automatic measurement mode the device always displays the relevant information in- stantly. You can even quickly and easily produce complete print- ing curves. The spectral measurement technology calculates not only density values for CMYK, but also exact data for the density of spot colors. 



All standard colorimetric functions are displayed clearly. Even the entire CIE L*a*b* color circle appears in the high resolution color display. As a result understanding CIE L*a*b* values be- comes very easy and clear. In the color library 25.000 reference colors and complete digital color books can be saved. 

Using the latest LED technology SpectroDens provides D50 il- lumination and therefore fulfills the M0, M1, M2, M3 measuring conditions in accordance to ISO 13655. The lifetime of the LED illumination is nearly unlimited. Moreover the new design of the direction-independent measuring head provides reliable mea- surements of a wide range of print media. 


TECHKON SpectroConnect for all SpectroDens versions 

The Windows software TECHKON SpectroConnect, included in the content of delivery, establishes the connection between the measuring device and the PC via the USB connection or via a WLAN connection (optional with SpectroDens). Data process- ing of the measured values on the PC is very comfortable and data can be transmitted directly to Microsoft ExcelTM or any other application with editing function. 


Versions and functions 

We supply SpectroDens in three types of performance packages: The model Basic with all density functions, and the Advanced version which adds essential colorimetric functions and a color library. The fully equipped flagship model SpectroDens Premium meets all demands with regard to quality control. 

Advantages of SpectroDens:

  • Patented measurement head for precise measuring and direct positioning
  • Attractive, ergonomic design, handy and compact
  • Large, high-resolution display screen
  • Automatic measurement fuction constantly displays the relevant values
  • Polarization filter insertable by a push of a button
  • Quick charge and each charge lasts for approximately 10,000 measurements


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